Coach Wanda Wade


Virtual Coaching Model (VCM) is used to provide pre service and in service teachers who are observed virtually with immediate feedback during instructional delivery. The VCM integrates Bug-in-Ear (BIE) Bluetooth technology, and  a VoIP such as Skype or Face Time using the schools Internet and WiFi access privileges. With the integration of these components, university supervisor’s and/or supervising teacher’s can discreetly observe and provide immediate feedback to pre service and in service teachers during instructional delivery. Student teacher’s, supervising teacher’s and/or administrators adopting the VCM will integrate the following components:


  • The participants current smartphone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 2, Droid, Windows) or tablet (iPad2,  Nook, Samsung Tablet) technology,
  • A Bluetooth earpiece student teacher, supervising teacher and/or school administrator


  • Voice Over Internet Program (Skype, Oovoo, Google Talk, Face Time)

Internet (smartphone, tablet)

  • Access to the Internet
  • Wifi access in the classroom
  • Data Package

With little to no expense and in a discreet manner, supervising teachers, university personnel and/or administrators can now observe pre service and in service teachers literally every day from virtually anywhere with teacher’s being coached and provided immediate feedback to ensure accurate and meaningful learning for those students being taught.